Interior design – advices and services for residential and commercial real estates

If have you decided to sell or rent your real estate, but you have doubts about whether to remodel it or leave it in its existing condition, please feel free to contact us. In many cases, even a small investment can significantly change the appearance of a property. A buyer’s first impression is crucial and if the real estate is neat and leaves a favorable impression, it can result in obtaining a better price.

If you are a buyer and the real estate is not designed as you wish, or you want to achieve functional and esthetic changes in the space, with our designers architects and builders we can make a new home that is suited just for you!
In addition, if you have purchased an apartment as a business investment for daily or classic rental, if you want to convert a space, or if a property is an office or a store front, the design requirements will be different. Every activity that will be carried out at the property has its own specific conditions prescribed by rules, regulations and laws. Such adaptations should be approached with prepared plans and cost estimates while considering all of the regulations that govern a specific type of space.

In addition to selling your real estate, we can find real estate for buyers, find renters for rental properties, and find the appropriate properties for those who wish to rent. At the same time, we can make them pleasant for a short stay or for full-time living, i.e. we can create your new home.