Rent and lease

RENT – As part of our business, we also offer a real estate rental services. If you have any dilemmas about renting your property (short term or long term) or how to furnish or equip it, we can advise you. If you want to avoid stress and not concern yourself with questions like whether your tenant paid the rent and utilities, or whether everything is in order in your rental apartment or house, let us take care of it for you. We will advise you to ensure that you are satisfied with renting a property. You can leave it to us with complete confidence.

The agency fee is one month's rent + VAT.

LEASE – We can also provide leasing services for your business spaces, including shops, production and retail areas, business spaces in shopping malls, etc. Our associates can provide you complete legal services. If you desire, we can advise you on remodeling and carry out the project with our partners. To save your valuable time, let us take care of advertising and finding a future tenant to our mutual satisfaction.

The agency fee in one month's rent + VAT.